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What is a Private Mortgage?

A private lender’s primary focus is on a property’s overall value and marketability as opposed to the borrower’s credit history. Private mortgages are interest-only, short term loans ranging in length from 1 to 3 years. Interest-only loans do not require homeowners to pay the mortgage principal down, rather they must only make the interest payments each month. Private lenders usually require a minimum down payment or home equity of 20-25% or more.

Why would I use a private mortgage lender?

A private mortgage is necessary under any of the following circumstances:

  • Your unfavorable credit history means you are being turned down by traditional lenders.
  • You only require a short term loan.
  • You want to purchase a property that a traditional lender won’t finance.
  • You require urgent financing and don’t want to wait for a long approval process.

Get approved even when the banks say NO!

Even if you are looking for financing and the banks have already turned you down – the experts at Centum Dynasty Mortgages Inc. are prepared to help you obtain a private mortgage. With our professional guidance and financing expertise, we will ensure you are able to responsibly borrow the money you need. Apply online today to experience the Centum Dynasty Mortgages Inc. difference.

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Centum Dynasty Mortgages Inc. works to service every financing scenario. Mortgage Brokers work hard for YOU and not the big banks!